About Us

The Armenian Youth Theatre Society of Toronto has a rich history. Launched in 1975 by the renowned Armenian director George Sarkissian from Lebanon, the society initially formed a theatre club named after Mr. Sarkissian. In 1984, another group focusing on experimental theatre emerged, known as the "Two Masks" group. The Theatre Society of Toronto was established in 1985 to sponsor, support, and organize performances of both theatrical groups.

Based at the Toronto operating out of the Armenian Community Centre, we operate from facilities provided by the Centre for training, rehearsals, and performances.

Our activities include:

  • Establishing and operating a drama club to enhance the social development of youth through exposure to and appreciation of theatre.
  • Providing education and instruction in theatrical arts such as acting and directing.
  • Contributing to the preservation of Armenian heritage by staging plays by Armenian artists and major plays translated into Armenian.
  • Sponsoring and supporting young talented actors and directors by assisting them in staging community plays, videos, and movies.
  • Organizing theatrical productions, movie screenings, and video productions, including festivals.

Since 2006, we have also organized the annual Pomegranate Film Festival, www.pomegranatefilmfestival.com attended by tens of thousands of loyal film lovers. This festival celebrates the vibrant culture and talent of Armenian filmmakers and artists.

Join us at the Armenian Youth Theatre Society of Toronto and experience the magic of live performance and the thrill of storytelling. Whether you're a budding actor, a film enthusiast, or simply someone who loves the arts, there's a place for you in our vibrant community.


AYTST envisions a community where young people are empowered to explore their creativity, build connections, and find their voice through the transformative power of theatre and film.


The mission of AYTST is to provide a dynamic and inclusive platform for youth to discover, develop, and showcase their talents in theatre and film. As a registered charity based in the Armenian Community Centre (ACC) of Toronto, we are dedicated to promoting artistic expression, fostering collaboration, and nurturing the next generation of performers, writers, and filmmakers. Through our diverse range of productions, festivals, and outreach programs, we aim to inspire creativity, instill confidence, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the arts among young people from all backgrounds. By fostering a supportive and welcoming environment, we strive to empower youth to explore their passion for storytelling, engage with diverse perspectives, and contribute to the vibrant cultural tapestry of our community.


Drop us a line at AYTST@armenian.ca.

Let's create something beautiful together.